Sunday, January 15, 2017


On my walk on the trail today--
I took photo's looking up--
look at how blue our sky is today--?

 love taking photos of berries--

and I do love taking photos of bare tree limbs--
don't ask me why!!!!

and on the trail I seen this stump-

Doesn't that look like a big snail crawling along the back side of this stump????
but it isn't!!

then, on the way back to the building, I heard these birds--
and looked up--
and they were doing the 'happy dance'!!
These are Northern Mockingbirds--(I believe?)

and down on the dock today--
I got me this cute photo--
Doesn't this look like the wood pecker is telling the morning dove --
that I am going to take this piece of nut--is that 'OK' with you???

Enjoy the moments--
no matter how small or big--


  1. Not too many birds argue with the wood pecker

  2. Great pics!! Love the bird tail shadow on the side of the building! And those two really do look like they are having a happy gossip session.