Wednesday, January 18, 2017


went out the back door to walk
though the trail--
and remembered that I wanted to take a photo in
the garden--
and look what I seen--
This butterfly on the next pot of flowers--
I got so excited--
have never seen this one before--
It is a Zebra Longwing Butterfly--
and come to find out--
is Florida state Butterfly--hummm--
but today was the first day I have seen one--
let alone get a good photo of one--
and here is the flower I went to photograph--
Did the trail and went down to the dock--
perfect day down there--
as I was walking back up the ram to put some seeds out for the squirrels and birds-
I heard a sound--
and I looked up--
I knew it had to be a woodpecker--
as he was sure making a racket--
and there is was--
Opps--there she was--
a Hairy Woodpecker--
( a male has a spot of red on his head--the female doesn't!!!)
and she was one busy woodpecker--
so that makes 3 kinds of woodpeckers that I have been able to get photos of since moving here!!!!

And then I spotted this bird a little later--
I believe it is a Laughing Gull--
though I did not see him laughing!!!
but it sure was having a good time finding bugs I believe along the shore line and in the water--
Now I know you probably think I am crazy for taking his picture--
but this is the first time again that one had landed on this beach area that I have seen--!!

And this was the sunrise this morning--
Now I was definately--
Enjoying the moments today--
hope you were tooo--


  1. Gorgeous sunset!! No flowers here yet, but if the temps stay up you never know!!

  2. any shot with a flutterby is a good shot :)

  3. Glad to see you're getting your money's worth from your new bird book! Plan a coupe of those sunsets for the next couple of weeks!