Friday, February 17, 2017


I finally had some time today to walk  the trail
 and then venture on down to the dock

On the trail there was some birds playing around in the trees--
like way up high--
I am not sure what this bird is--
seems to have alot of yellow on him--
Here is some closer looks--
I really couldn't find any thing in the my bird books--
except maybe a Warbler--
can you help me???

and of course there is always these guys clowning around--
Blue jays--

when I got to the dock--
I had 2 friends waiting for me--

and they were hungry--
kept coming on down the ramp to the dock for peanuts in a shell--
and this guy kept me company for awhile--
He had 'snitched' a piece of bread that Russell had left for the raccoons-

and then in the water--
I seen these things today--
someones pink butterfly wind chimes--
wonder from how far away they floated in from???

and look at this shell--
I want that shell---
enjoy the moments, di

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