Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Did my loop on the trail and seen my first--
Morning glory--these pop out all along the fence line along the back part of the trail--
but I usually only see a couple each day--
only found the one today--but that means summer is here in Florida!!

Had a couple male cardinals today--
this one gave me chuckle when I down loaded the photos today--
here he is eating away--
but look at his look on this one--
Doesn't it look like he is giving me the 'eye'!!!!!??????

and I discovered a raccoon today--
he was eating some bread Russell had put out for him--
but when he seen me--he hid--
and I looked up and he was watching me--
from behind a big tree--
My what 'sharp' teeth you have ms raccoon???

and any one want to go fishing??
Watched these 2 large fish for a while--
they seemed to be having fun swimming around!!
Oh and of course we have some squirrels each day!!!

                             enjoy the moments, di

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