Tuesday, March 28, 2017


today to walk the trail--
remember pinecone alley--
they have done some work on it--
cutting down some trees--
and not really cleaning anything up--booo!!
but I discovered that the 2 largest and very dead pine trees had not been touched--
so had to report that to the office--
but here is the neatest thing I seen on the trail today--
what a neat color--
I kinda had to stand on my head to get this shot!!!
You're welcome!!!

Down at the dock I got some new photos--
glass bottle in the water--but didn't see any 'message', in there!!
and see these 2 really sunshine bright spots--
I believe they are dolphins and the light is shinning off the water on them--
there were some of them playing closer to us too--

they are fun to watch--but out quiet a ways and even with the stronger lens are hard to capture on film--
a couple of ducks were about--
and 2 larger boats--going in opposite directions--
the weather was perfect today--
mid 80's and only a small breeze!!!

           enjoy the moments, di

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better and getting out. And thanks so much for the acrobatics. You know its appreciated. :)