Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I think even here in Florida--
the birds hide in the winter--
but today as soon as I went out the back door--
to go down to the dock I seen, heard birds and started taking photos--
This is one of my best photos of a blue jay yet--
and look who is trying to cross the street and not get run over--
he takes the 'high' road--
some where on the railing to the dock too--

and another neat bird--Morning Dove--
a really nice one of a pair of cardinals--
couple of the black birds--they were really interested in something up high!!
and one very busy Red Bellied woodpecker in this tree--
and this one is a Hairy Woodpecker--
learned that the Downy and Hairy are very close--
but the Downy is bit smaller and has a smaller beak--
Lurch the blue heron flew by me--
and as I was getting back to the building--
this caught my eye--
I still say the bumble bees here in Fl are huge huge huge!!!!
So Happy Nature day--
enjoy the moments, di


  1. Great shots! So glad you were finally able to be out and about with your camera. It was super windy here today and would have been difficult to get any photos. Have fun!

  2. Yep...we saw our first bluejay Sunday morning when we were eating breakfast. The world is in order.

  3. Wow, you captured more great bird pictures than I've managed to take in my life! I'm always too late with my camera. I especially like the little cardinals.