Monday, May 8, 2017


On my walk on the trail out back on  Sunday--
I got some new critters photos--
first up was my first siting of the resident Rabbit--
I was so surprised to see him that it took me a minute
to think to take a photo--
He was probably trying to help himself  to Nancy's vegetable garden!!

Then soon after I was on the trail around the corner--
I seen something moving in the bushes and so stopped and watched--
and this is what I got--

An American Redstart--male--
I am not sure why that name--cause he is black and bright orange--
he stayed in the area for awhile and I just watched him--
he even jumped down to the sidewalk--
and was showing off--
maybe there was a female near by--
but did not see or hear any other birds--
This is the first time I have seen this bird!!

finally I walked on--
as I rounded the next corner--
my heart stopped cause there was a nice big black snake sunning himself --
just part of his tail was on the sidewalk--
and no I did not take his photo!!!!
I quietly edged my way around his tail and kept going--

after the next corner and nearer to where the trail meets the street--
I seen him--
the Pileated woodpecker--
only seen one of them so far this year--
remember that last year on my Birthday I had seen 2 of them for the first time--???
I did go looking on Saturday--but did not see them--
but here is one the next day--
so I can say that my walk on Sunday was delightful--
(ok--except for the snake!!!!)

Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Very cool pictures!! I saw a bunny running across the yard as I was coming home from work today. He had totally vanished by the time I got out of the truck.
    I never have the camera out when I need it.

  2. Gorgeous birds! I've only ever seen a couple of Pileated woodpeckers, and now that i think of it, two of them were in Florida! I've never seen the other bird. How exciting.

  3. It is always a thrill to see the bird life from another country, especially when capturing the ird yourself.