Sunday, May 21, 2017


In my flower photos--
this morning I headed out the back door and
had to check out Nancy's garden-
and found some pretty Germanium's to photo--

These were in flower pots high off the ground in a wire stand--
something moved and caught my eye--
Hi Mr Snake--
I  will just be moving on now--!!!!!!

I also got a couple other photos--
think these are the only veggies that I seen growing right now out there--
but they are really nice looking--
Enjoy the moments, di
(unless you see a snake hissing at you--then run!!!)


  1. Ewww....I don't like snakes. Even if they're harmless. What pretty flower pictures. I'm getting Geraniums for the pots by our front door. Hubby wanted something else, but he was over-ruled!

  2. You are brave enough to hang around and take a picture. I would be telling about the snake I ran away from without any pictures for evidence.