Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Down at the dock we have had one smaller raccoon--
then this week Rocky showed up and has been around--
for the last couple days--
He was standing up 'begging' Russell for some peanuts--
(that is how we know he is Rocky--the smaller one doesn't stand up and look up on the ramp at us!!)
though the younger one goes along the beach shore and digs up all the peanuts that the squirrels just buried--silly critters!!)
so Russell went in and brought out a try of food for him--
and this time put it in a different area--
and I was able to get some photos of him eating--
He is 'shoveling' it in--think he was hungry????

This is different--
a large Blue Jay with a couple Mourning Doves--
actually sharing their food!!!
and a Cardinal came by--
today while down there--
a male Cardinal came right up me on the railing for a peanut--
that was fun!!!!
and a sunrise a couple mornings ago--
love it when they are sooo purple!!!

Always take time to --Enjoy some nature each day-di

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