Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I seen some new things on the trail on my walk on Tuesday--
It is always a treasure hunt to see how many morning glory blooms I can find--
kinda hit the jackpot --seen 6-7 on this day--

and then on the sidewalk I discovered these '2'--
Not sure if they was fighting or ????????
they did run off when I got too close--

My 'friends' where waiting for me--
in fact I ended up with '8' --that's a record I think!!!!

and I loved how this one held his tail--in the 'V' shape--
first time I seen them do it that way--

and then a nice surprise in the river just before I left--
a shark--
no just a large dolphin--
but up closer to the dock than I had ever seen them--there was 2 of them--
and they were having fun catching little fishes!!!!

and some pretty yellow flowers by our entrance that are being guarded by the kitten!!!

Enjoy the moments,di


  1. Wow - you always find interesting subjects when you're at the river, don't you. Were the dolphins in the river? Did they come there just for you??