Friday, June 16, 2017


Look who was on the dock waiting for me this morning--
Hurry up and get down here--
and get that backpack off your back and opened--
and find that bag of peanuts--
I ain't got all day!!!!

Later I seen another momma duck--
with 9 little ones this time--these are younger than the ones from a couple days ago--
and I thought Lurch looked like he was 'cold' in this photo today--
but it was very hotttt-down there today--
in fact --
look at the river--
look how smooth it is--like glass!!

also took this photo--
the moon ---

Then late this afternoon we had a big thunder storm and heavy rain--
then around 8pm--I seen this part of a rainbow--
and talk about--
on a golden pond---though in this photo it looks pinkish!!!
and yes -- one duck found her way to the pond--even though it was past her bedtime!!!
and a colorful sunset--
Have a happy day tomorrow--

enjoy the moments of nature--di


  1. Lovely pics! I do like your little squirrel friend :)

  2. Awesome pictures. The baby duckies are too cute! Your pictures always turn out so good.

  3. You're getting some great photos, Di. I'm so glad you're sharing them with us.