Thursday, June 22, 2017


When down to the dock each morning--
I often see this 'guy' come by for a quick visit--
He is a Boat Tailed Grackle
and yes he will 'steal' a peanut now and then--
Today he stood like this--
and then he did this--
Looked like a totally different bird really--
and a bit later-
I heard something up in the one branch over the ramp and looked up--
and seen a second one--
much smaller--
and he/she was also fluffing up her body--
and in the end--
the smaller one--looked almost as large as the adult one!!!!

Had both today--a female and a male cardinal--

and here is a different view--
Can you tell that we had a strong breeze coming off the river again today????

and took this photo as I came back across the street and started walking in the parking lot--
to come home--

Enjoy the moments, di

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