Thursday, July 20, 2017


We have had t-storms for a couple days in a row late afternoon this week--
so our pond out front is really full---

But yesterday morning when I was down to the dock--
-- it was very humid down there--so I almost came back up--
but before I did--something new caught my eye in a dead tree--
that hangs out over the water--
I have seen alot of Ibis and heron's sitting on this tree--
but this time the object was much smaller--
and every so often it would fly down to the water and back again--
So I took several photos and came home and down loaded them and cropped them--
to see 'who' I had photographed--
and looky here--
we have a Belted Kingfisher--
yea--another different type of bird for my album!!!!
well--worth the 'sweating' to take his photo!!!!!

And a couple days before this while I was down there--
Rocky and family showed up--
So I had some more fun taking their photos while Russell threw them down some peanuts!!!

Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Great job waiting for the Kingfisher to pose for you. I don't think I've photographed one of them. Say Hi to Rocky for me!