Wednesday, July 5, 2017


THIS morning--
I was visiting with Russell and we were feeding our squirrels and birds--
When we seen a 'black' streak run under the ramp--
we realized it was Mrs Rocky and
3 babies--Russell had not put our any food for a couple days--
once she realized there wasn't anything--
her and the babies run back under the ramp--
but I knew they loved peanuts and Russell had a whole bag--
so I ran up the ramp part way and called her--
and would you believe she came back with the babies--
and we threw down some peanuts--
and they were sooo hungry--
this is Rocky with 2 of the babies--
one baby was really friendly--
That or he was really hungry--
the other 2 would run out and grab a peanut and go hide--
but this one stayed right there near Mom and grabbed and ate his share of the peanuts!!!

July 3rd some of ladies where down on the dock waiting for a shuttle to go up--
which it didn't--and I seen some nice cloud formations--
and a bit later we had a nice sunset--

enjoy the moments--di


  1. I'm glad you had some kind of treat for the mini Rockies! They are adorable.