Sunday, July 30, 2017


The last couple days it seems all my photos have had to do with wings--
On the trail this morning I took these--
a Tropical Checkered-skipper--
and when I got down to the  dock I seen another one--
So these babies must of just hatched--

and also on the trail--
I got a quick photo of this one--
a Giant Swallowtail--
I was able to identify these 2 from my butterfly card that Sunny sent me--
Thanks Sunny--
I have gotten photos of the first butterfly last season--
but the bottom one is new to me--I think---

and then there is these guys--
no they are not tiny air craft--
they are--
large dragon flies and they are swarming right now--these photos I took from my bedroom window--they are flying up high and in groups--think it is their mating season or something!!!
I thought I would get some photos on the trail of them--but they are only up high flying around right now--

Also on the trail I seen this pretty stick--
with some neat mushrooms growing from it--
and I did find these pretty flowers outside the back door in bloom this morning--
So what did you take photos of today????

Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Lots of pretties! I'm glad the card has come in handy. We went to visit some sunflower fields this week, and I found a few neat butterflies. And some dragonflies! We're going on another adventure tomorrow, so who knows what we'll find?

  2. I looooove dragons. They eat mosquitoes...the bane of my existence.