Sunday, August 20, 2017


I finally got a photo of a different dragon fly the other day--
this one had golden wings and a copper body--
and when the sun shines on his wings--
they sparkle just like gold--very very  pretty--

Today's time down on the dock-
I had the following company--
one squirrel who had a 'feast' eating for the other 2 that didn't show up!!!
2 Blue Jays--
a pair of Cardinals--
and I did see the Raccoon--but he was hidden and was very busy eating his breakfast --
(that I am sure was left there by Russell)
and then this guy kept me entertained for a bit--
a King Fisher--he had caught a good sized fish--
and he kept beating it again the tree branch--
either he was trying to make sure it was dead-
or he was 'tenderizing' it so it would go down better!!!!!
Lurch, the Blue Heron flew in for some breakfast--
and I got to watch these 2 swim around--
dolphins--they have been around all week
but usually out in the middle of the river--
but today they were up closer to the dock so I could watch them--
by the time I come in from the dock-
I am soaking wet--the humidity is really bad here this summer--
but it is worth it, I guess!!!

Enjoy the moments, di


  1. Such wonderful companions down at the dock! I would love to see that variety every day. I'm not sure I"ve ever seen a King Fisher.

  2. fun captures

    dragons and bees hold special places in my eats skeeters...the other perpetuates life...ah...thank you Mothers